Cultivating Connections offers classes, workshops, retreats and study groups around the New Cosmology and Universe Story to wide variety of groups.

Universe Story and Cosmology- Workshops and Presentations

Key to moving into the future is an understanding of where we are as well as from where we came.  Exploring the new cosmology and the ways the epic of evolution informs the human’s role in the world is at the heart of our presentations on the Universe Story..

Centered in the work of Thomas Berry and Brian Swimme, these presentations stress the importance of understanding the ways of the universe (ways that are relatively new to human awareness)and how this understanding can help us create healthy just communities.

Presentations include

    • the original workshop,

My Universe My Self: Out of the Box and Into the Universe
    and programs of various lengths designed around
    • Brain Swimme and Marty Evelyn Tucker’s The Journey of the Universe
    • Brian Swimme’s Earth’s Imagination
    • Brian Swimme’s The Powers of the Universe

“The evolutionary epic is probably the best myth we will ever have.”
                                                                        Edwin O Wilson

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