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The Universe Story

Key to moving into the future is an understanding of where we are as well as from where we came.  Exploring the new cosmology and the ways the epic of evolution informs the human’s role in the world is at the heart of our presentations on the Universe Story.

The Work that Reconnects

The Work that Reconnects offers messages of truth, hope and worth amidst a culture of consumerism that tells us we are not enough. It offers tools to affirm and increase our awareness of our deep connections to, and relationships with, the natural world.

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Sacred Stories

Our Sacred Story workshops explore not just the power of story, but the power and inspiration which lies waiting to be discovered within our own unique life journey.  It examines ways to harness our fascination with story in order to help us consciously create a healthier, more joyful and connected life.

Cultivating Connections is a grassroots, nonprofit contributing to the creation of

a just and sustainable community by nurturing and celebrating our connections

with each other and with our world.

Cultivating Connections affirms and explores the connections between environmental sustainability, social justice and spiritual fulfillment, and the role we each are called to play in bringing forth a vibrant Earth Community by offering programs around the themes of environmental spirituality, personal empowerment, and the new cosmology including:

    • workshops    • study groups    • retreats    • conferences    • celebrations    • etc.

Our specialties include: